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Stop paying $20+ for unexceptional hosting. You wrote it, share it with the world for free.

New Level of Hosting

Story Data is a unique hosting platform that blends mobility, security, collaboration, and story analysis for free. Enhanced security lets you share your script and control who, how, and when someone can access your story. Accelerate your story by allowing peers to provide you creative notes on your story, scenes, and characters. Move your writing group online and securely collaborate with select members.


Intelligent Story Notifications & Search

We extract thousands of data elements that become searchable by our advanced Artificial Intelligence assistant “Data.” Tell Data what type of elements you are looking for and it will notify you when it finds a match. No longer parse through endless hosting site logline emails. For those do-it-yourself types, we offer unparalleled in-depth manual searching. Find stories by locations, character names, dialogue, action sequences, or even props. We don’t stop there, search for stories over SMS messaging or verbally using our Alexa skill.

Chain of Title with Blockchain

Story Data uses the latest Ethereum Blockchain technology to create an immutable encrypted record of your script and even your copyright information, for free. These records can be the first step in establishing a “Chain of Title” when it comes time to selling your work. An actual blockchain solution that works for you.


Unchain From Your Laptop

We provide iOS and Android apps with all the great functionality of the website, in your pocket. Manage account and script information and read great stories on the go. Unchain yourself from your laptop, unleash your hosting mobility.

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The Helpful Reviewer

Our resident UCLA Professor, expert script doctor, and Head of Coverage "Cody Smart," provides free and insightful tips for writers in our quick tip series titled "The Helpful Reviewer."

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Our proprietary algorithms convert scripts (PDFs and Final Draft files) into data points that are used for Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining.

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