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The Importance of the First Page

Thursday, August 1, 2019

When writing a spec script, your number one concern should be to grasp the attention of the reader from page one. You won’t get past a reader’s desk and into the hands of the one that could actually option/buy your script if you don’t engage the reader and give him a reason to keep reading your script. From my years of working for a big studio and as a judge at multiple film and script competitions, I have come to realize the importance of the first page. Both readers at studios/production companies and readers for competitions read hundreds, if not thousands, of scripts a year. So how do you get noticed?

Cody Smart

Cody Smart


Cody is an independent writer and script doctor from Santiago, Chile. She attended the prestigious Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, where she double majored in English Literature and Linguistics, with a minor in Dramatic Literature. She moved to L.A. and got her MFA in Screenwriting at the New York Film Academy, Universal Studios location, while at the same time working at Sony Pictures as a reader and story analyst. She also received two Certificates from UCLA, in Development and Producing for Film and TV.

Aside from her years of experience as a studio reader, she’s a judge for multiple script and film competitions, has written some award-winning short films and feature film scripts, she’s been working as a script analyst and doctor for years helping writers take their scripts to the next level, and is currently the head of the coverage department at Story Data.