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Changing the way, you receive new content

Whether you are a Producer, Director, Executive, or Actor, our platforms’ features are designed to help you find the type of story you want when you want it. Your time is valuable. Let us help you take some of it back. Just like the writers, professional features are also free!

Automated Notifications

What if we told you that you could set up criteria for the type of story you want, and we’d notify you when we found it? That is the dream of every buyer, and we’ve made that dream come true.

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Notification Set

Define a set of elements of a story you are looking for and "Data" will send you an Email, Sms, and/or Mobile App Notification to let you know we have found what you are looking for. No more manually searching every week or reading a list of loglines in a weekly newsletter. Your time is valuable. Let us help you take some of it back.

Easy to Setup

Turn manual searches into a saved Notification Set to receive notifications about similar stories in the future.

Multiple Active Sets

For the power professional, you have the ability to have several notification sets simultaneously active. This allows you to automate your search for a slate of stories to produce.