Story Data offers a host of features for writers. Writers can now have unparalleled script collaboration, security, and authentication.

Collaboration and insight are critical across the entertainment industry. You as a writer can now build a better story with feedback and insights from writers from around the world. Invite your peers, friends or mentors to provide constructive comments on your work.

Changing the way you receive script feedback

We provide you with the tools to collaborate with peers or industry professionals.


Story Data allows you to solicit feedback and comments on the entire script, individual characters, or a single scene. Is your protagonist strong enough? Maybe a character isn't three-dimensional. This feature will provide you with valuable insight about one or all of your scenes, advice about the concept, structure or format.

Writing Group

Story Data offers visibility settings on each of your scripts, allowing you to invite only the members of your inner-circle to collaborate. You can turn visibility to the public off, review your work as a team, then turn it back on when the team is ready to share your creation with other industry producers and buyers.

Industry Feedback

Get real industry insights and reactions to your work from top entertainment script reviewers and industry gatekeepers. Story Data offers in-depth screenplay review and analysis services from some of the leading reviewers.

Changing the way you secure and control your script.

Story Data provides you with access control to securely share your script with only the individuals you select. Rest easy, as the recipients you selected never receive the physical file. Such security extends to reading and reviewing your script in our secured web viewer or through our iOS or Android apps.

Access Duration

Story Data allows you to control exactly how long your recipients can view your script. One day, two days, a month, you are in control.

Read Notifications

To give you further peace of mind, Story Data sends you a notification every time your script is accessed.

Changing the way you authenticate and publish your work.

You have written a great script and producers are interested in your work. It’s time to sell your creation and you need to establish the “chain of title” for the purchase or option. Story Data can assist.


Story Data uses the latest Ethereum Blockchain technology to create an immutable encrypted record of your script and even your copyright information. These records can be the first step in establishing a “Chain of Title” when it comes time to sell your work.


Your masterpiece is complete, you’re ready to show the world your work. No need to mass email query letters or try to get to industry meetings. From the moment your script was uploaded, our proprietary algorithm converted your screenplay into data points. Using Big Data concepts and the data points created from our algorithm, Story Data creates intelligent notifications and searchable notification sets for producers. Producers are quickly notified when screenplays that match their established criteria are uploaded and made public. You no longer have to depend on mass emails or chance meetings with industry professionals. Producer can now come to you.

Feature List

iOS & Android App

We provide iOS and Android apps with all the great functionality of the website, in your pocket. Manage account and script information and read great stories on the go.

Coming soon!

Professional Evaluations

We have industry professionals ready to evaluate your script and provide fair assessments of its potential. We provide standard and in-depth evaluations.

PDF to Data Elements

Upload a PDF version of your screenplay and we convert it into thousands of index data elements, providing industry professionals a data stream view of your story and all of its elements.

Secured Screenplay Sharing

Rest easy knowing you control who sees your script and for how long. Receive notifications when someone reads your script. Security you control!

Cost Effective Hosting

Many other host sites charge per script while offering no additional features. Our subscription plans allow for hosting multiple scripts at the price of one on other sites.

Unparalleled Searching

No other site offers as many searching options as Story Data. Not only can you find scripts through standard options like Genre, Title, etc., but we offer advanced options like Scene Location, Dialogue, Character Names, or even Action descriptions.

Reading Lists

Never lose track of that script from a great writer again. Add any script to your reading list and easily come back to read it at your convenience

Writer Profiles

Let the world know who you are and what you have written with your own social profile.


Your peers can help you build a great story through collaboration on scripts, scenes, and characters. You can do the same for your fellow writers.

Intelligent Recommendations

We analyze what types of scripts you like to read and present you with other scripts you might like to read or collaborate with.

Monthly Contests

Every month, all hosted scripts are eligible to win prizes valued up to $1,000 (USD). Let us reward you for your unique voice.

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Pricing Plans

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  • Host 1 Script
  • Eligible for Monthly Contests
  • All features included



  • Host 3 Scripts
  • Eligible for Monthly Contests
  • All features included



  • Host Unlimited Scripts
  • Eligible for Monthly Contests
  • All features included
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